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  About Us

As food formulators and former gum distributors, past sales were in bulk quantities. Since our smallest sale involved a 50 pound container of a gum, our clients, generally speaking, were processed food manufacturers. Because of the many uses and benefits of gums, we wanted to make gums available to the average person. By this we mean in quantities of one – two ounces to 1 – 2 pounds. When you consider that gums are used at very low levels, typically under one percent (1%) and usually closer to 0.10% to 0.25% of the overall recipe of a product, 50 pounds of gum would go a long way.

  So How Much Is 0.25% ?

As a for instance, let’s say that you wanted to make 16 ozs. (454gms) of your family’s secret salsa recipe, but you decided to add gums to give the salsa a little body and provide cling, so that the salsa (with all of its secret ingredients) wouldn’t simply roll off your favorite tortilla chip. (Actually, 0.25% might be overkill, and overkill isn’t good with gums – you could end up with something that reminds you of mud. But for the sake of argument, we will stick with 0.25%.) Well, 0.25% of 454gms would be about ¼ teaspoonfuls (1.135gms). That’s probable less then the amount of salt in your secret recipe. Even if you really are a major salsa eating fool, a sizeable portion of the 50 pounds of gum would still end up as inheritance to your great grandchildren.

A pleasing thought, we agree, but gums begin to lose their potency after about two years. Hence, the smaller 1 oz. to 1 pound sizes would seem to make more sense for the average person.

We also hope to encourage more restaurants to learn about gums. It has been our experience that chefs and cooks, in general, could write a book about starches, but knew virtually nothing about gums. Once a mom and pop outfit did learn about a gum and decided to buy, we weren’t able to offer the 1 to 5 pounds that they wanted. Now we can, in 1, 5 and 10 pound containers. (Actually, we still can offer 50 pounds at a shot – great grandkids, look out!)*

We believe that the benefits of gums should be available to everyone, no matter the use. Whether for the kitchen, homemade cosmetics, crafts, etc., we make gums available to all. Gums Are Truly Some Of The Great Wonders Of The World! (Sorry! Sometimes we get carried away.)

Additionally, we offer only the best grade products. And although our product line may seem somewhat limited, actually, we are able to supply you with most any gum that you would like to try. For simplicity sake, we keep in stock a few of the better known gum products. But we are able to offer to you most, if not all, of the gums that you might like to try, and are happy to suggest which gums to try for your applications.

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